Graffiti has been around a long time. It was even found in
Pompeii following excavations ! However in those days they didnt have spray paints or marker pens, which cause so much vandalism and concern all over the world.

Removal of graffiti is not always straightforward. The surfaces onto which it is applied vary enormously. As a general rule the more absorbent the substrate the greater the penetration. Paints themselves differ widely in their chemistry and one can never be sure which will cause difficulties. Also the time factor how old is the graffiti? Put all these together and it will be seen that removing graffiti from an unprotected surface isnt so easy.

Prevention is better than cure and we have formulated a number of protective coatings known as sacrificial or semi-sacrificial. These are wholly or partly removed with the graffiti. They differ from permanent coatings such as polyurethanes that are tough but can make the finish shiny.

Removal from our coatings can be achieved two ways. Since they are heat sensitive, a high-pressure hot water cleaner is used for washing off the graffiti which then comes away with the coating. Understandably, cold water cannot be used since the coating must not be removed by rain. For relatively small areas or for areas inside a building where pressure washing is either impossible or impractical, graffiti can be removed using one of several cleaners.


Protective Anti-Graffiti coating for porous masonary and painted surfaces. Permits clean-up using either high pressure hot water ALONE or biodegradable ACTIVATOR


Wall of 18th Century Potsdam University protected with EURE-GARD/PRIMER.

Graffiti on brick and natural stone




Cleaning in progress using hot water pressure washer only




             Finished result



Teatro Real Madrid
All exterior walls protected with EURE-GARD/PRIMER to 8m height during building renovation

Benefits using EURE-GARD/PRIMER

Unique water base offers excellent protection on all types of masonary (in conjunction with EURE-GARD PRIMER) or directly onto exterior surfaces. 

Water-based Coating
Requires minimal spraying
  equipment or personal
  Simplifies application and
  reduces clean-up time for
  brushes, hands or accidental
(Volatile Organic Content)
- Contains less than 3%
  atmosphere contaminating
  organic volatiles 
Virtually Invisible
- Will not significantly alter or     visually emphasise treated
Water Clean-Up
- Eliminates need for chemical
  cleaners. Simply requires
  high-pressure hot water for
  graffiti removal

- Allows for localised removal
   using environmentally
   acceptable cleaner where
   pressure washer use is not
   justified for small areas of
   graffiti or its use inside
Excellent Coverage
- Gives highly economical
   protection per m in use
   when compared with most
   other systems 
Solvent-Free System
- Contains no components
   classified as toxic, harmful
   or irritant. 
Highly Versatile 
- Protects 'difficult' porous
   masonary surfaces in
   conjunction with EURE
   -GARD PRIMER. Also offers
   protection over acrylic,
   vinyl-acrylic, alkyd,
   polyurethane, epoxy and
   most other paint systems. 


Non-hazardous, fully biodegradable graffiti remover for use with EURE-GARD, MONOCOAT H.W. coatings. Or as an alternative to using high pressure hot-water (for EURE-GARD/ MONOCOAT H.W.) where such equipment is uneconomic or its use not possible.


Heavily graffitied Tram in Potsdam

Strip being indicated following application with ACTIVATOR



Close up of same area (black print is actually self adhesive company advertising)

Benefits using ACTIVATOR 

- Safe to use by unskilled
   staff. No components
   classified as toxic, harmful
   or irritant. 
- Non-polluting. Environment
   and user friendly. 
Low Odour
- Pleasant to use and without
  pungent smell.
- No risk of fire in use or when
Low Volatility
- Safe to use in confined or 
  enclosed areas. 
Water Rinsable 
- Permits easy removal. 
- Removes aerosol, felt-tip,
   some oil-based and water
   -based paints. 


Single Coat, Protective Coating

MONOCOAT H.W. is a water-based biodegradable coating for all masonary substrates and certain exterior masonary painted surfaces. Graffiti removal with use of high-pressure hot water alone.



Test onto fair-faced concrete fence.
Lower panels coated with




High pressure hot water
wash ( 70 bar/80C).
Coating half removed.




Wall following cleaning.


Benefits using MONOCOAT H.W.

Single Coat System
- Significantly reduces
   application times; saves
   labour and cost. 
Water based 
- Safe and simple to apply and
   to clean equipment used. 
Low Visibility 
- Minimal change to surfaces
   following coating.
Highly Breathable 
- Excellent water-vapour
   permeability. ( 100g/m/
   day - 120 microns coating). 
Fast Graffiti Removal 
- Only requires hot water
   pressure. * 
Easy Application 
- Can be applied using either
   low pressure or airless
Highly Versatile 
- Protects virtually all types
   of brick, stone and
Low Volatile
Organic Content (VOC) 
- Only 2% atmosphere
   contaminating organic
Good Coverage
Fast Cure 
- Achieves 5m/litre to
   7m/litre with 4 hour cure
   at 20C. 
Effective Working Life 
- Minimum 5 years without

 * In a confined area or where the amount of graffiti is small, the use of a pressure washer may not be justified. In such cases ACTIVATOR or
GEL GRAFFSOL may be used to remove graffiti.


Biodegradable Graffiti Remover

Untreated wall heavily
Application of GEL GRAFFSOL

Results following scrubbing
sequence and pressure


Benefits using GEL GRAFFSOL

- Permits longer contact
   on vertical surfaces for
   greater efficiency. 
Low Volatility 
- Does not evaporate off the
   treated surface allowing
   GEL GRAFFSOL to attack
   and loosen graffiti.
   GEL GRAFFSOL can also be
   used in confined spaces
   for short periods of time.
Low Odour 
- No pungent solvent smell
   in use.
- Specially developed to
   cause no unwanted
   pollution in today's world. 
Low Flammability 
- Reduces any user fire risk
   due to high flash point,
   (over 60C). 
- Under current legislation,
   GEL GRAFFSOL contains no
   components classed as
   harmful or irritant to the
   user. Safe to use by
   unskilled staff.

GEL GRAFFSOL is effective on all types of spray paint, felt tip pens, emulsion paints and some oil based paints.

GEL GRAFFSOL can be used safely on all types of masonary as well as metal, melamine (phenol-formaldehyde) and glass surfaces.

Very old graffiti onto base of
tower in Portland stone. 

 Following removal with
 GEL GRAFFSOL and pressure