Enhances, seals and protects natural stone, terracotta, concrete block paving & slabs.

PAVE-GARD provides an effective barrier against ingress of dirt, oil, food or drink spillage to simplify maintenance and cleaning. The original colours of stone or concrete products remain virtually unchanged. Darker tones may be improved or enriched.

PAVE-GARD has been amongst our most highly successful products for several decades with thousands of different applications externally, but also in internal situations for sealing stone floors, or preventing dusting on brick walls. It was used some years ago at the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry to prevent spalling of old brick & friable mortar on 1840's barrel-vault roof and to stop this falling onto exhibits (2500m).

Normally applied in two coats. Coverage, depending on porosity, is 3.5m/litre for the two finished coats. Single coat only on limestone & slate (7m/litre). If used for additional sand stabilisation on wide-jointed 'tumbled' block pavers, coverage will be reduced by one third.

These are some of the benefits you will get from using PAVE-GARD on your drive, patio, path or internal stonework.

User safe, water-        - No inhalation/flammable solvent dangers.
based coating                Requires minimal equipment or personal
                                       protection. Simple, safe application
Wide spectrum            - Resists deep penetration from oil,
protection                      grease, food stuffs, grime and dirt *
Long coating life         - Up to 4/5 years depending on
                                      traffic/environmental conditions
Protects investment   - Overcomes costly staining problems
                                      on unprotected surfaces
Virtually invisible         - Little change to neutral tones
Reduces algae             - Considerably extends time for
                                       algae to appear
Prevents surface         - Gives effortless cleaning, saves
dusting                           time and money
Stabilises jointing        - Helps prevent sand wash-out from
sand                               blocks where joints or gradients occur

* Excluding areas vulnerable to spillage from petrol/diesel fuel

SANDSTONE TEST - Equal amounts of engine oil photographed after 2 days - 

Lefthand Side Untreated  .............  Righthand Side 2 Coats

Display area showing 2 sandstones partly sealed with
PAVE-GARD. Note the improvement in colour and the patterns on these slabs




Whilst we make no claims that PAVE-GARD will prevent algae, this photograph taken approximately 18 months after sealing shows the result of a test onto rough concrete path that is heavily shaded